Is this the coolest dog ever?


Could this be the coolest dog in Australia?

With his ears flapping in the wind Lola the dog is driven around the Illawarra in a sidecar of a Harley Davidson, and regularly visits Ridgeview Aged Care in Albion Park to see her owner.

Noel owned Lola for 10 years, and since he moved to Ridgeview his brother Greg has taken over looking after his much loved pooch.

Greg brings Lola to visit Noel once a month in his bike, and when they are together it’s clear to see the bond they still share.



Their mode of transport turns many heads as Lola sits proudly alongside the bike, Greg said.

He gets hundreds of people taking photos and waving as the duo travel around the Illawarra and when they have a coffee at the local cafes.

‘When asked ‘can I take a photo’ I reply ‘sure as long as you don’t mind if the dog is in it too!’,” Greg joked.

Lola even jumped on the Ridgeview bus to say hello to the residents. She made herself very comfortable on a seat and wanted to join them on their bus outing.



Watch a video of Lola driving in the sidecar here!