Intergenerational Skype connects young and old

Intergenerational Skype at Southhaven Aged Care

Have you heard of the old saying “Don’t work with children or animals”?

Well, we have tested the boundaries here at Southhaven Aged Care in Padstow Heights and jumped in feet first with our first Intergenerational Skype calls happening over the last few months!

Working within the newer guidelines for both the aged and childcare industries, we have had to settle for video calling to be able to continue our much-loved Intergeneration Activities.

We gathered our residents into our large media room and, with some fancy footwork from our Leisure and Lifestyle Team, we managed to connect our devices to the large projector and make a video call to Panania Childcare Centre and Puzzles Early Learning Centre.

Then appeared the most wonderful thing in the world – many smiling little faces, which made all our older faces shine with smiles and laughter.

It was wonderful to watch the two groups interact and ask questions to each other. The kids sang us songs and read stories while we asked the tough questions like “What is your favourite food?” (chocolate crackles) and “What’s your favourite colour?” (which was mostly blue from both groups).

We look forward to our next video calls which happen twice a month, and even in the future when we can all meet face to face!

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