A pet therapy dog has shown his heroic side after he scared off burglars and sounded the alarm when his owner was injured all in the same week.

Rockstar is a beautiful fluffy Keeshond – a breed that was once used as watch dogs on barges that travelled the canals of Holland.

He has been visiting residents at Courtlands Aged Care in North Parramatta for around two years and is known for his super soft fur and crazy bow ties.

His owners, Piret and John, knew he was a special dog, but didn’t truly understand his loyalty until a few weeks ago when he scared off burglars trying to break into their home.

“At about 3 in the morning I hear this thump, thump, thump, and I wondered what it was,” Piret said.

“I thought the cat was hungry, so I went downstairs to feed it, and I opened the bedroom door and the window screen was off and the window was wide open. What was thumping was the door of the cupboard because the wind must have caught it.”

Piret raced upstairs and woke her husband John, who realised why Rockstar had been going berserk a few hours earlier.

“Apparently at around 1am Rockstar went off like a firecracker, he was barking and running around,” she said.

“So when we had a look in the morning the inside gate was open and the screen off the window and was laid against the  brickwork. The police came and apparently somebody else a street away had some sort of problem as well.”

“So basically him barking and carrying on a ripe old treat must have scared them away,” Piret said.

Only a few days later John had a fall in the garage, and was banging the washing machine trying to get Piret’s attention, but it wasn’t until Rockstar became agitated and started barking did she realise something was wrong.

“Rockstar was upstairs in the lounge room, and then he bolted down the stairs, and I thought ‘what’s wrong with the dog’, so I followed him down and I find my husband flat out on his back in the garage,” Piret said.

John suffered a dislocated shoulder and has been recovering, and Rockstar has barely left his side since.

“The dog just sits with him the whole time. The only time the dog will leave is if he’s got to go outside for a wee, but otherwise he won’t go anywhere,” Piret said.

“He’s a good boy. He deserves a few more treats after this.”