Maranatha bid farewell to Facilty Manager Kathy Hallmark last week, who has worked at the Queensland Home for 16 years.

Kathy has been integral to the success of Maranatha since February 23, 2000.

She came to Maranatha as a Registered Nurse when it was a 41 bed low care facility and at a time of great change within the aged care industry. Each Home was required to demonstrate that they could meet 44 standards in order to maintain government funding.

Accreditation was to begin and Maranatha had a scheduled visit for July 2000. You could say that Kathy was thrown in at the deep end. As we have all come to realise, Kathy has an underlying strength and that is the ability to face front on any challenge that is put in her way and remain calm and in control of those around her – the qualities of a true leader.

Kathy’s abilities were recognised by the Maranatha Board and she became the Care Manager, overseeing all aspects of nursing, until she was appointed Facility Manager in 2013.

She has steered Maranatha through times of great change – both in ownership and expansion. Using one’s talents and leaving a legacy is something we all desire to do and Kathy has succeeded in doing this.

Maranatha has always been a “family” and all involved here have borne witness to the kind, compassionate, caring Kathy, who is always willing to assist staff, residents and their families as a true “friend”. She has always been prepared to share her family and their special milestones with members of the wider Maranatha family and so David, Rose, Sam and now Rose’s husband Tim, are well known to staff and others on a personal basis. Who could forget Rose and Tim sharing wedding shortbread with the residents all decked out in their wedding finery!

Kathy has provided a good role model for staff aspiring to a position of leadership and such is the strength of the foundation that she has lain, that Maranatha can face the future with confidence under her successor’s leadership. The best is yet to come, and we hope that sentiment holds good for her personally and for Maranatha.

For Kathy we hope that her morning tea and lunch breaks will finally be what they are meant to be – relaxed and stress free. We congratulate her on a wonderful career and send her best wishes for the next phase.

It has been our pleasure to know and work with you Kathy, and we shall miss you.

From Residents, Families, Friends and Staff of Maranatha.

Suzette Robertson has replaced Kathy as Maranatha’s Facility Manager.