Courtlands Retirement Village stands out from most other centres not only because of its position and beautiful surroundings (albeit sun burnt in the last few months of scorching heat – now recovering with torrential rains) with an atmosphere of fellowship and security.

Courtlands boasts to have four (4) residents who have received Order of Australia Medals. Mavis Reynolds, Noel Dunn, Faye Dunn, and Sandra Ackers have received awards as advocates for those less fortunate through charitable initiatives – inspired to be involved in their communities for much of their adult lives – they have collectively given over 200 years devoted  to sustained and selfless voluntary service. All four (4) are reluctant  to elaborate on their achievements. All four (4) have had successful careers and blessed family lives. All four (4) have devoted themselves to ‘making a difference’ through their service organisations – earning the respect of their peers and demonstrating innovations with lasting results. Faye, her husband Noel, Mavis and Sandra are proud to have been recognized for works, which are extremely worthwhile and so very satisfying to them – they share a common goal of encouraging others to participate, ever mindful that volunteers do not always have the time – they have the heart!