How to keep connected in a crisis

Supporting our retirement residents

For many elderly people, the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most challenging times in recent memory, but it is during this crisis that the heart of Courtlands Village in North Parramatta shines the brightest.

Village Manager Lisa Green, along with Wellbeing Coordinator Sherene Noble and the Village administration work closely with the Residents’ Committee to regularly keep in touch with the residents, ensuring they reach out to each and every person and provide support where needed.

“Living in a retirement village is really the best place for a lot of elderly people because they have the support and team here,” Lisa says.

Community connections

The small kiosk that runs from the Village Centre has become a lifeline for many of the residents who are unable to get to the shops regularly, and coordinator Shirley Johnson goes out of her way to find out what residents need and keeps it in stock.

Every single resident at the Village is now vaccinated, thanks to the efforts from Lisa and her team who coordinate with doctors to ensure they have easy access to the vaccine.

There are a few people who were slightly hesitant in the early days, but once they realised everyone else had been vaccinated, that encouraged them to get it done.

Lisa worked as a nurse at Courtlands before becoming Village Manager and utilises these skills to help residents who have difficulty accessing their general practitioner.

She takes photos of ailments or blood pressure readings and sends them to the residents’ doctors, who liaise directly with the pharmacy to have medications delivered.

Family connections

In a way, the connections between residents and their families have been strengthened over the past few years, as the use of video calls means they are in touch with their loved ones more often than before the pandemic.

Many residents are actually more active now and participate in Sherene’s walking groups or potter in their gardens.

As COVID-19 and continuing precautions become part of our everyday lives, the camaraderie forged in the midst of the pandemic remains.

“The pandemic strengthens the deep sense of community spirit that has always made Courtlands Village an incredibly supportive retirement option,” Lisa says.

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