Chicken program hatches at Courtlands

Chicken therapy at Courtlands Aged Care

Volunteers are needed to help use chook power to brighten the day of residents in Courtlands Village aged care home at North Parramatta.

Mother Cluckers is a program which uses chickens to combat the social isolation and loneliness often experienced by aged care residents.

Residents are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of chicken care – feeding, cleaning, collecting eggs and getting to know the chickens.

Sherene Noble, Pastoral Care and Volunteer Coordinator from Courtlands Village said the chickens give residents who are often cooped up, a reason to get outdoors and be more active.

“They give people a reason to cross the road!” she said.

“Chickens reinforce the human-animal bond that is important to older people who have often had their own pets at home.

“This pet therapy program gives them something to look forward to and a sense of purpose in their lives,” she said.

Volunteers’ duties include fostering interaction between the chickens and the residents, cleaning the chicken palace built by Parramatta Men’s Shed, feeding and ensuring the chickens’ well-being.

If you’re feeling peckish, you may even grab some popcorn and watch a chick flick with the residents or egg them on as they get to know their new feathered friends.

Volunteers are needed for between one and four hours over seven days – or more if you’re feeling cocky.

Opportunities like this are as rare as hen’s teeth and there’s no need to wing it – training is provided and we won’t work you around the cluck so you’re totally basted.

The only qualifications needed? Must love chickens!

If you are interested in volunteering contact Sherene Noble at