Blessed nursery comes to Ridgeview

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes

A new volunteer at Ridgeview Aged Care in Albion Park is bringing joy to residents by restoring old dolls for adoption by the Home.

Mandy has been restoring old dolls into beautiful babes since February 2016 and donating them to Doll Therapy programs for Dementia Care in NSW.

“Doll therapy is a beautiful way to bless those who are living with dementia,” Mandy said.

“The doll becomes like a real baby for them, something to love and connect with when the world around them is changing.  It also reminds them of their own babies as a young mum or dad or the baby they have always wanted.”

Ridgeview has been blessed with their first little baby Patrick, who was adopted on St Patrick’s Day. Then came Rose-Maree and Bill who also joined the Ridgeview family.

Each baby is named by the residents and come with their own Care Plan, list of allergies, likes and dislikes.

Some weeks they enjoy a visit from Mandy’s own babies Gaz and Emiko who not only bring joy and delight to the residents, but also to staff who can’t wait to have a cuddle.