Beauty therapists pamper residents

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes

Every month the ladies of Ridgeview Aged Care make their way to the lounge area of the Albion Park Home to be pampered by beauty therapists.

Belinda and Laurelle have been attending to the residents’ beauty needs at Ridgeview for more than seven years.

On the second Tuesday of each month, the lounge area is transformed into a relaxed and social atmosphere to be pampered by the beauty therapists from LaBelle Beauty Therapy.

The residents love receiving manicures and getting their nails painted by professionals.

“I love coming to have my nails done and get the full treatment,” said Ruth, a resident at the Home.

Another resident, Hope, said she loved having someone else do her nails for her.

“I used to do my own nails for years, but I enjoy getting them done as they look so much better when the girls do them for me. I get the colour Tooti Fruity every week,” she said.

No appointment is necessary, and residents can see the Leisure & Lifestyle Team for any assistance.