Anu Sharma Ashburn House staff profile

#MeetTheStaff – Anu at Ashburn House

My name is Anu Sharma Chapagain and I am Clinical Manager at Ashburn House in Gladesville. It gives me immense pride and joy to be able to make a positive difference to someone else’s life. I find respect, a caring…

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Kaylee is a Leisure and Lifestyle Officer at Casa Mia Aged Care in Padstow.

#MeetOurStaff – Kaylee at Casa Mia

Kaylee started as a Leisure and Lifestyle Officer at Casa Mia Aged Care in Padstow in June 2020, as a casual staff member, alongside her full-time university study. She is currently in her fourth year at university, studying a Bachelor…

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Intergenerational Skype at Southhaven Aged Care

Intergenerational Skype connects young and old

Have you heard of the old saying “Don’t work with children or animals”? Well, we have tested the boundaries here at Southhaven Aged Care in Padstow Heights and jumped in feet first with our first Intergenerational Skype calls happening over…

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Wilma at Courtlands.

#MeetOurResidents – Wilma at Courtlands

My name is Wilma and I was born in the Italian town of Trieste. My mother was of Yugoslav background and my father was Italian of Hungarian background. I came to Australia in 1953 and married a fellow Italian, named…

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