Aged Care Services in Sydney & Brisbane

Finding your dream home can be equal parts exciting and daunting. This is most likely where you will be staying for the rest of your life, and you’d want to be happy and content living there. The same can be said for finding an aged care home for your loved one.

This can be even more stressful as you would need to ensure that the home meets both their current needs as well as any future caring requirements that they might have. Luckily, Christadelphian Aged Care can help you every step of the way.

Our experience spans over more than seven decades, allowing us to provide you with all of the information that you require to make an informed decision on the well-being of your parents or loved ones. We offer holistic senior care services which include physical assistance as well as emotional and spiritual support.

These are some of the aged care services we offer in Sydney and surrounds:

Residential Aged Care

This is the ideal solution if 24-hour assistance is required. This type of care is available to older people who cannot look after themselves in their own home. Our trained staff will be able to help with personal care and hygiene, ensuring that medication is taken correctly. Our team is highly professional and provide specialised aged care home nursing services.

Your loved one will be safe, secure and professionally looked after in the comfort of one of our Homes. Find out more about this offering.

Respite Care in Sydney and Surrounds

While providing elderly care for your parents or family members may be a labour of love, it can be trying. Sometimes, you simply need a break to attend to other responsibilities or even go on holiday.

Our respite care services mean that you can complete all of these tasks with the knowledge that your loved one is looked after for a maximum of 63 days per financial year.

This is also a suitable option for seniors recovering from surgery and who need temporary assistance. Have a look at what you can expect when using this service.

Aged Care Accommodation

We understand that different clients have different requirements. Some may need full-time care while others are looking for a safe and secure retirement village to enjoy. We cater to both requirements.

We have three lovely self-care villages and eight fully equipped and modern homes, all of which have access to 24-hour emergency services. Wherever they choose to stay, our residents can rest assured that they will be well looked after. Please find out more about our living options here.

Dementia Aged Care

Living with a mental illness like dementia is hard on both the individual and his or her loved ones. We offer specialist nursing care in our Homes to ensure that your loved one feels safe, securem, and stimulated.

We also help those with other cognitive- and behavioural difficulties. Take a look at how we can assist.

Exceptional Elderly Care

In addition to the above, we provide extra services in our aged care Homes in North Parramatta and Gladesville. This refers to both additional care as well as other personal services like entertainment and beauty.

As you can see, our range of living options and services makes us the best possible choice for senior care. We focus on providing pastoral care, which means that all facets of our residents’ lives are taken into consideration and cared for.

Please get in touch with us today if you require any additional information or if you have any questions. Our helpful team is on hand and ready to assist you in making this important decision.